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Magic and magicians are just for kids aren’t they?

Well no, they are not. I’ll explain why!

‘Magic’ being suitable or best only for kids might be a popular view, and for the majority of the population who have never seen a proper ‘sleight-of-hand’ magician performing before at a corporate function or to adults at a wedding or adult birthday celebration it is not surprising that they hold this view.

Magic-Mike-Kids-Party-Magic-Shows-In-Adelaide-2This is compounded by the likelihood that the only time the public has seen a magician live is at children’s parties where the accent is inevitably on getting all the kids to shout out loud with large dollops of slapstick, pantomime and balloon modelling thrown in (maybe some ventriloquism too!) The amount of ‘magic’ is almost incidental and secondary.

I have been performing magic professionally at private parties (weddings and adult birthdays) and at corporate events for twenty years – and I have never entertained at a children’s party. So there must be other types of ‘magic’ out there!

The kind of magic that I am talking about ‘wows’ adults (and children too if they see it when they are seated with their parents); When people see this kind of magic at a wedding or corporate/work function they see for themselves that magic is NOT just for children and it is a very different kind of ‘magic’ that they get to see and experience.

The accent is fully on amazing things happening through sleight-of-hand (oh, andmisdirection sometimes!) They are generally amazed and entertained (if the magician is any good!) The wit and humour is aimed at adults. In a nutshell think ‘Jamie Raven’, the magician runner up at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2015 to see a very recent example of what I am talking about.

So if a magician is not just for children’s parties, what can they do for you at other events? Well for a start, a magician hired for an adult birthday or a wedding can really enhance these events by making the occasion more memorable because ‘magic’ by definition is supposed to be amazing! We tend to remember anything we’ve seen that is amazing.

Because the magic is ‘close up’ and interactive (the magician mixes and mingles with guests over drinks and dinner), this helps make the entertainment even more memorable. A magician also acts as a great ice-breaker – the amazing entertainment gets people talking to each other about what they have just seen and experienced!

So magic is not just for children’s parties.

I haven’t even touched on how magic is used at corporate events. Please see my blog What is corporate or business magic? for an insight!

So the next time you see a children’s party magician remember that there are other magicians out there performing stronger, slicker and more sophisticated magic (often with humour – I’m not trying to sound too rarefied here, I use humour a lot!) at weddings, private parties and corporate events. Some magicians performing at children’s parties might also perform at these events too. Personally I would select specialists for children’s parties and specialists for weddings, adult birthdays and corporate events.

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