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All the following books are outstanding. If you are interested in performing magic, you only need to buy ONE of them to get started. In some cases, one book is all you will ever need! The books cited are THAT good.

These books teach readers great magic in practical and easy-to-understand ways. Some of the greatest magic tricks are actually quite simple from a technical (i.e sleight of hand) point of view, so you really can learn them from a book – especially from books as well illustrated as those in the list below.

These books not only teach some of the best magic tricks around but also do so without having to buy expensive props from a magic shop. Objects from around the house do fine (assuming you have a pack of cards in the house too!)

The books I’m recommending are ones that I PERSONALLY own (and I know that top magicians recommend some of them to beginners as well) A couple of the books flew under the radar so they don’t show up in some recommended lists, but they are lesser-known gems from my bookshelf that I throw-in for your consideration. This is a rock-solid list that you can trust, every single book is great:

  1. Mark Wilson, Complete Course in Magic
  2. Nicholas Einhorn, Practical Encyclopaedia of Magic
  3. Joshua Jay, Magic – The Complete Course
  4. Jon Tremaine, The Amazing Book of Magic
  5. Paul Zenon, Street Magic
  6. Harlan Tarbell, Course in Magic

In the next articles to follow, I’ll explain WHY I recommend the above and tell you a bit more about them. Here are the covers of 3 of the 6 recommended books. Make sure you check-in for part 2!

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